Social Media Feed Program

Expert, Done-For-You Facebook Marketing and Management
Exclusively for Tax & Accounting Firms

From the first marketing agency in the tax industry to manage and build a firm's social media platform ...

A "set it and forget it" social media system for busy tax and accounting professionals to ensure their firm is maximizing every lead generation and relationship-building possibility from Facebook.  You can begin today having our team post updates daily (including customized videos) on your behalf with industry-specific and engaging content, ensuring that you stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects.  
Finally, your firm's Facebook presence HANDLED.
... Completely done for you*.

* When we say "done for you", we mean that we handle every aspect of this process, including responding to replies and messages, and only involving you when there is a lead to close, or a specific question about your particular policies.

Ongoing membership is $97/m. There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.
Since 2009, the TaxProMarketer Social Media Feed Program has been 
engaging clients, gathering fans, and building local visibility for tax & accounting firms

When we first started this program, tax and accounting firm owners were skeptical about the power of social media, and whether it was even necessary for a professional service firm to have a presence there. But now, the question isn't "should" you have a presence, but rather: are you leveraging every advantage available to you on social media platforms? Or are your social pages a wasteland, with the last post occurring 2 months ago?

It's time to have it handled right. Here’s just a taste of what we do for tax and accounting practices …

Facebook Page Posts Every Day. All Replies Handled.
Finally keep your Facebook page from looking like you don't care enough to maintain it. Your personally-assigned TaxProMarketer team member posts daily on your behalf, with content posts designed to provoke engagement, build your audience and drive leads to call or email your office to take advantage of your services. We handle ALL replies, only involving you or your staff when there is a lead to close or a question we can't handle.
Make Your Firm's Social Properties Look GREAT
We build (or refresh) your firm's Facebook presence with the most up-to-date best practices for covers (including our proprietary cover video process), reviews, audience building and we ensure that you are found properly within the various search engines.
Capture Leads From Your Social Properties
Capture leads directly from within your Facebook page, and create the  unfair advantage over your competitors of converting your social media platforms into a lead-generating machine -- and a regularly-updated "front door" for new clients to your firm.
Original, Customized Video Content.
Done For You.
Video is dominating Facebook news feeds, and shows no trend towards slowing down. That's why our in-house team creates original, content-driven videos that you are free to use in any context. This is over and above the daily text posts we create on your behalf.
Here is a sample of our done-for-you, twice-monthly videos. Every video is yours to keep.
Simple Advertising To Grow Your Reach: Included
On your behalf, and at no additional charge to you, your assigned TaxProMarketer team member will research your local market area, and create a target profile of your ideal client and regularly "boost" your posts to reach this prospective client profile, thereby increasing your reach, your page followers, and the leads to engage for your services.

... and more

No Contracts. 
Just Results For Tax & Accounting Firms.
A fresh approach to social media for your practice that finally pays off:
Gain followers through the front door of social media --> then into deeper forms of contact.
A Case Study: Building a large, profitable Facebook Page following for a tax firm.
TaxProMarketer staff activates your existing client base to build massive momentum for your new (or refreshed by our team) Facebook page. Using continuously-updated best practices, your page begins to finally grow in footprint and "reach", through our proprietary social posting formula, as well as through our ongoing work to build your platform. In this instance, from scratch, we built a page following of 2K+, and growing. 

"Paid for itself ten-fold."

"You guys have always done an excellent job for me. The Facebook [marketing] has paid for itself 10-fold -- definitely. During my brief hiatus from your services, people were asking for it, and looking for the updates from it; even more than for the weekly emails, honestly, for my client list. I really want you guys to get back to work on Facebook and Twitter for me, as it was really working very, very well.
Ralf Heyer, EA
Ongoing membership is $97/m. There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.
This Is The Shortcut To Leveraging The Nation's Foremost Social Media
Marketing Firm for 
Independent Tax & Accounting Pros ...
And Building Deeper Relationships with Clients and Prospects
The Social Media Feed Program Includes:
  •  Facebook Page Setup (or Optimization of your existing Page) per most up-to-date tactical advantages for building an audience
  •  Full Administrator Access so you can make any updates or changes that you might desire
  •  Daily posting by your assigned TaxProMarketer team member of relevant articles, engagement devices, photos, inspiration and more, so you automatically build a deeper relationship with your clients and prospects
  •  Daily management of all replies, messages and interactions so you can focus on your highest-leverage activities and not waste your precious time on Facebook
  •   Twice-monthly, original video posts which supercharge engagement and make your Page become a hub for awesome, shareable content
  •   Regular, simple advertising done on your behalf to your customized target prospect: no additional charge
  •  Converts your social platforms into automatic lead generation vehicles for your tax or accounting firm with built-in lead capture on Facebook
Got Questions? 
How fast will I begin to see results from this? How fast have your other clients seen results, on average?
It takes us about 14 days from when you sign up to get your Facebook page setup complete. From there, we highly encourage you (and help you) to get your friends and family on board with your social media pages, especially on Facebook. The faster we can get your people onto your pages, the faster you’ll see results.
Do I really even need to do this now, or can I just wait until right before tax season hits?
Relationships in the "real world" aren't built overnight. So why should we expect that to happen online? Trust, authority and affection are built in a process that takes time, and so to instantly "hop onto the social media scene" and expect to see great results is an unrealistic expectation (though, in full disclosure, it does sometimes occur for our clients). Unlike email marketing, print newsletters or direct mail, social media success (as with SEO -- Search Engine Optimization) is something that often requires sustained attention for lasting impact. Which is why so many tax pros are bad at it.
Can I post to my social media pages if I want to?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Posting on your pages every few weeks in addition to the content we’ll be posting is a great way to add a personal/local feel to the page, and could very likely encourage more interaction (which then could lead to more “Likes” and more business). We walk you through how to do that, if you don't already have a handle on it.
Does "organic" social media still even work?
No doubt, the social media landscape has changed since 2009 when we first began managing these properties on behalf of tax and accounting firms. On top of that, since the Facebook IPO, there is a pressure for them to sell advertising to their users. But the foundation for any effective social media campaign -- paid or organic -- is a well-managed and continuously updated presence. And many of our posts have, in fact, gone fairly viral within various local market areas and garnered leads and new followers for our clients.
How involved do I actually need to be for this to work?
Some of our clients are not personally comfortable with an active social media presence in their personal life. This is something we understand (and even applaud!), and so we have built this program to require minimal involvement beyond the initial setup work we do by hand on your account. Hate Facebook? Good, you're not alone -- but let's still harvest all the new clients we can get from this massive platform.
I have friends on my personal Facebook profile. How do I get them to my business Page?
Sadly, you are not able to “migrate” the friends you have from your personal profile over to your business page. But we help you to show your friends your new (or updated) page and encourage them to “Like it”. The main key here is: don’t be shy about using your personal profile to promote your business page or about inviting people to your new page. However, with regard to moving your friends to the business page, there is no easy “migrate” option.
TaxProMarketer's "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

If you change your mind within the next 60 days, you can quickly and easily get your full investment back, no questions asked
(Even if we've already been working hard on your firm's behalf for that entire time.)

We're all here to serve your tax & accounting firm...
More Reviews From Happy Clients ...

"I've had the privilege of not only using TaxProMarketer's services, but also meeting and getting to know the CEO in person. The one word I would use to describe him is: Integrity. That is not a word I throw around lightly. It shows through in everything Nate does. The quality of his copy is outstanding and he and the team which he has in place have been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I've had."
-Mike Lichterman, Grand Rapids, MI

"So glad that you convinced me to go over the edge and use email and social media marketing... it has paid in spades for the continuous client communication even outside of regular tax season...when it is needed the most. Thanks. Implementing these two marketing medias has allowed me to "stay" in touch with my client base and actually get more referrals, thank you cards etc. then ever before."

-John Walters, MBA, EA St. Petersburg, FL

"Thanks for all your help as usual ... I know you're very busy, but when you get a chance, take a look at my Facebook Business Page. Just look at some of the comments by my client. You can't get any better advertising than that. By the way, he loves the emails. He can't get enough."
-Pete Marchiano, CPA Bayville, NJ

"The TaxProMarketer crew do a great job of keeping up my social media! I'm uneducated on the whole area. They speak like I do and alert me of clients' posts. I'd be lost without them."
-Lloyd L.CPA, Green Bay, WI

"I've been strongly impressed with your services. I signed up, on a whim, thinking I would cancel as soon as the trial was over. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered that your marketing is great! I may keep you guys around, for longer than I'd first thought."
-Carol Thomas, EA Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for all of the great things you and the team are doing to help us grow the biz. We really have experienced a surge of testimonials, referrals, and growth as a result."
-Mike Ornelas, Sacramento, CA

"I was very impressed with the quickness of response by your associates in answering questions and solving problems for us. I was so grateful. Outstanding service!"
- Elaine Kraft, Warminster, PA  

"The tax prep industry may have been down in general this year, but our numbers appear to have been solidly up!  

"Thanks to using your services the last few months, I was so busy this March and April, I didn't even have time to implement the great strategies Nate provided for getting more business in the door!"
- Jim Cantwell, Silver Spring, MD

Full Facebook Page Optimization and Management
Capture Leads Directly From Your Social Properties
Grows Your Audience Through Simple Advertising
Multiple, Shareable Videos Made Monthly
... and much more.
Ongoing membership is $97/m . There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.
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